Project 4.0


Design and create a solution that provides seat reservation for Elision, a Cronos Group company. This seat reservation tool has to be user-friendly, expendable and fresh.

My part

For project 4.0, the four IT programmes came together. We were divided in teams that consisted out of students from all of the four programmes. My team consisted out of 8 students: 2 AI students, 2 CCS students, 1 IOT student and 3 APP students. I was chosen to be the team leader of this pretty big team, so I spent quite some time on managing the project using monday.com. It is my managing tool of choice since it worked really good with my past projects.

It was a bit more difficult working on such an elaborate project, but we made it work using Teams and Discord. Besides following up on the progress, I didn't really meddle with front or back end. Together with a fellow CCS student, I worked on taking care of the hosting. For this project we set up a Kubernetes cluster for the back end on AWS. This made sure our application was very scalable and stable. The front end was placed in a AWS S3 bucket. It was very static and could communicate with the back end in the cluster.

During the final presentations we noticed that none of the other teams had as good as a hosting environment as we did. They often hosted everything on one virtual machine and that was it. We really took pride in our infrastructure.

View our documentation here


With barely a month of time to actually work on the project, we managed to deliver a really decent seat reservation app to manage to open office of Elision in times of COVID. We combined an easy to use front end with IOT sensors and a very reliable infrastructure to create the ideal result.

February, 2021