Track & Trace

Systems Engineering & Analysis


Design a system for your client. Our client wanted to be able to track his pigeons. He wanted to know when they would leave their destination and when they'd be back. The interface had to be simple and user friendly.

My part

I was in charge of our planning and also the interface. I used to get a smooth, agile workflow going. We had a great view on our tasks and deadlines. We also knew exactly who was doing what and how much progress they've made. We had a stand-up meeting every morning. This payed off as we got our project done in time, even though we didn't even know where to start in the beginning.

I also worked on the interface together with another teammate. We used a free bootstrap template to show a lot of numbers about the pigeons. Our interface showed the weather, statistics, a personal page and an events page. We used Initial State - an IOT platform for data visualisation - to display the RaspberryPi measurements, that our other team members made, on our site.


Since we couldn't actually trace a pigeon we made a cardboard one. We used an ultrasonic sensor and a Raspberry Pi to see whether or not the pigeon had left the 'geofence' (a set distance measurement). When it did, a mail was sent to the client that the first pigeon had left and the rest would follow soon. We could then trace the 'flight' on our map by translating different measurements to different coordinates. When the first pigeon would enter the second 'geofence' another mail was sent to the client with the text that the pigeons would be there soon. All of this could be followed live on the interface we made.

January, 2020